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>From my 2006 journal:  http://spiriteaglehome.com/cdt06.html It was about 48 miles from Silver City to the beginning of the Middle Fork route (the one with the hot springs) by the route we chose, which came from the Ley maps.  That was not the same as either the official or Jim Wolf's routes.  It was about 34 miles to Snow Lake.  I don't know about the official route (I couldn't find Snow Lake in the map book, though I'm sure it's there), but our route to Hwy 12 was about 52 miles.   When you hike through the Gila, don't expect to do normal type mileage.  Criss-crossing the river over 200 times slows you down.  Walking in water and on sand will slow you down.  Swimming in the hot springs will slow you down.  Gazing awe struck at the beauty will slow you down.  Falling in the river, will also slow you down.  :-)   North of Snow Lake was mostly road walk, so that went pretty quickly.   Don't forget to listen for the wolves. GinnyFrom: aure at montrose.net
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Subject: [Cdt-l] Gila route

Hello all,
I am looking for mileage for the following:
Silver City to Doc Campbells via the Gila
Doc Campbells to Snow Lake
Snow Lake to Highway 12 via the new CDT route

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