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Sage Clegg sageclegg at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 13 21:14:37 CDT 2013

> Howdy folks!
     I just wanted to throw out a big thanks to all of you GPS Geeks (I mean that in the most endearing way possible) for finally explaining why a datum setting in my GPS might matter. I never hike with a GPS (I will be this summer on the Oregon Desert Trail though..), but I take data on my unit everyday as a tortoise biologist. I always wondered what the consequence was if I was using a different datum than someone else, now I know! 100' is a big deal when I'm collecting data!
      Another GPS issue I have been encountering lately is that my gps is consistently about 5 meters off of my co-worker's. We are both using the same datum (NAD83). We have changed batteries, turned them off and on, I even cursed mine and then ignored it (it sometimes works, I swear!) Any thoughts on how to "re-calibrate" a GPS? Might it be broken?
     Another question I have is about UTM's vs Lat/Long. As a biologist I have always used UTM's, but the current project I am on is using Lat/Long. Maybe it's just because I don't like dealing with all the extra digits of lat/long, but I haven't warmed up to using them. Do any of you use lat/long? Why? Does anyone have any tips for a simple way to make the switch from my UTM focused universe to a jumble of degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal places?
       Thanks, and I hope the wind storms that keep spitting dust in my eyes here in the Mojave aren't slamming those NOBO hikers right now. If they are I highly recommend getting some ski goggles!!!
         Happy trails!
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