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Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Mon Apr 15 17:17:48 CDT 2013

Greetings To all on this list:

This is to update you on my NM trip.

First off:  My trip has ended.  I hiked from Mexico to Snowy Lake following
the CDTS route.


At Snowy Lake  I hitched into Reserve and  made my way home from there. And
confirmed by the camper giving me a ride to Reserve: Yes, I did smell very

I had a lot of followers on the this list giving advice and encouragement so
I want to give you a short explanation.

Though I am fine around the house generally, I still have some personal
hygiene problems that linger from prostate surgery and radiation.  Bike
seats, hard ground, rocks, give me some "control" problems I never had to
put up with before cancer.  If water was abundant and I could wash my pants
every day...., but that was not possible.  So I stopped after 2 weeks.  I
just wanted to let everyone  know.  I discussed this a bit with JD- it was
a concern of mine.  That should be enough explanation for an  early stop.


Quick Overview of the CDTS route:

It was everything I was looking for. NO trail markers- like I was hiking a
free trail and I loved it!  Keith was a great guide and help getting
started. I told him $25 was too cheap for what he does. 

I did alter the route some- I hiked right out of Columbus on 11 and after
passing the airport development I picked up  small jeep road 6300 and
followed that in to the Tres Hermanas mts. That was a good route.  Keith has
set up a nice alternate route to the Wolf guide book and anyone following
the CDTS should pay close attention to what Keith tells you.  


Anyone using keith and doing the CDTS- have something to take notes with
before you start to the border with Keith- what he tells you you will want
to remember in the next 2- 4 days and he has a lot of info to share.  keith
is an A+ in my book.  


I used New Balance Trail shoes- nice and soft for walking.  About 2 miles
out of Columbus as I was walking along the road off blacktop I stepped on
one of those trademark southern NM thorns.  It went through my sole and
about 1/4- 1/2 inch into my foot.  The thorn broke off and I could not pull
it out from the bottom of my shoe- my foot was pinned inside that shoe with
no way to lift my foot free of shoe andthe thorn so I just ripped the shoe
off- OUCH!!!  


Heading north out of Deming is interesting.  Once you find the old abandon
windmill the next windmill has great water.  Use a GPS and use the
coordinates in the Wolf guides- they work!


The Black Range is a surprise.


Crossing Hwy 35 Allie Canyon Tr is a delight!!  You will find good water
along that trail after 2 miles or so.  And when you cross the CDT and see
your first CDT marker- ignore it and just stay on Allie Canyon Tr.


There were about 30 resupply boxes waiting at Doc Campbell's Trading Post to
be picked up when I passed through there.


The Gila River in Gila Springs runs a dark chocolate color but the water
quality will improve gradually as you make your way up the Gila River.
Still, I could only get about 3 qts with my MSR filter before I would need
to clean it to pump again.  Still, the Gila River is an excellent route.  If
you follow it to the end, the last river crossing is on a log and you will
be about 1 mile from Snowy Lake.  


I did not take Ley's maps with me.  I used Ley's maps along with Wolf's and
BLM maps to draw my own maps on the Delorme topo 10 map program.  I loaded
those routes into my GPS and they were pretty much perfect.  I have usually
been very good with my mapping skills- and I was pleased to see I had lost
none of those skills since the cancer  problems 4 yrs ago.  


I have a Hexamid Solo-plus tent/tarp with screen (no cuben floor attachment-
that is another $100+) for sale for $300.  I do not intend to try anymore
trips longer and 2- 3 days.  That is just my reality.


Best advice before going: Take the heavier sleeping bag- its cold out there
and it was!!  Most nights were into the teens where I was.  


Again, everyone who helped me prepare for this trip- THANKS!! I had a
wonderful time while it lasted. 


And the stay with Lynnae and Will was a real delight.  I highly recommend
the CDTS route- it is a wonder.







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