[Cdt-l] BLM maps for New Mexico for sale

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Tue Apr 16 10:23:19 CDT 2013

I will include a brand new BLM map for the Gila NF- so 16 maps for $60- a
savings of $100.  What a buy!!!!!!!!




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I have 15 BLM maps for New Mexico for sale.  These maps new cost $10 each.
these are big maps and cover a lot of area.  The maps are for starting at CC
but once past Silver city anyone can use these maps- CDT or CDTS hikers.   

They were used by another CDT hiker and have Ley's routes and the CDT routes
marked.  the hiker who drew in the routes  sold them to me for $70.  I'll
sell them for $60 and that includes postage in the USA.


You can send check, cash or Pay Pal.



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