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i still think a rancher was pulling your leg about having to refill the cattle stock ponds. i can't imagine cattle give a crap, given some of the stock tanks i've seen. other, probably better reasons not to swim in the tanks is 1) other people will be using it for drinking water, and 2) it is being disrespectful of the courtesy extended by the ranchers letting us get drinking water from their tanks -- which is probably the main reason the ranchers are pissed. Sort of like swimming uninvited in your backyard pool. -Ron

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> there are 2 yearly reminders that I do and haven't yet - #1 - if you feel the need to carry weed on you in southern NM - don't - too many border patrol around - one year a BP stopped a hiker and made him take everything from his pack - wait till you get farther north - a rocky mtn high is great - been there #2 - when the weather get's warmer the cattle stock ponds will look inviting to swim in - don't - the cows will not drink from it due to human smells and this pisses off the ranchers - they have to empty it and clean it out and then refill - with a major drought going on water is valuable and limited - the ranchers have enough problems with the illegals batheing in them 
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