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With the possible exception of a few mining claims, I am not aware of any
private property that the "official" trail crosses between Crazy Cook and
Silver City.  It is located on public land and as long as you stick close to
the trail you have every right to be there.   


Most of the ranchers own a few hundred (or less) acres and the other
100,000+ acres they raise cattle on belong to the public. They do own
improvements they make, such as windmills, pumps, and water tanks.  Hikers
need to respect those improvements and appreciate that the hike would be
much drier without them.    



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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Ranchers don't need hikers.  They just need taxpayers to pay for their land.
I don't mind the cows really.  Since the first thing I want in town is a
huge cheeseburger.



On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 2:04 PM, Jonathan Ley <jonathan at phlumf.com> wrote:

Even if it is a joke, or based on bad info... It still matters, just as a
matter of courtesy, as Bob mentioned. 


If you get into an argument with a rancher, when you're on their land, or
leased land... You will lose the argument no matter how many facts are on
your side. This goes for more than just this issue. Just try convincing a
local person anywhere (worldwide) that you as an outsider know more about X
than they do. It rarely works. 


Aside from all that, who in the world would try to get clean in a stock pond
- yuk!



On Apr 16, 2013, at 11:47 AM, "Bob Bankhead" <wandering_bob at comcast.net>

Having been a cattle rancher, I can say I've never seen cattle turn down any
water source, even ones I wouldn't touch. That said, dirt and floaties don't
bother them. Now if too many people bathed in them, the soap and body oils
would foster bacteria and algae growth, which takes time to clean out, to
say nothing of the cost of the water to refill.


People have died violently over western water rights. Courtesy demands your
compliance. Hikers NEED the ranchers' good will; ranches do not need hikers.



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i still think a rancher was pulling your leg about having to refill the
cattle stock ponds. i can't imagine cattle give a crap, given some of the
stock tanks i've seen. other, probably better reasons not to swim in the
tanks is 1) other people will be using it for drinking water, and 2) it is
being disrespectful of the courtesy extended by the ranchers letting us get
drinking water from their tanks -- which is probably the main reason the
ranchers are pissed. Sort of like swimming uninvited in your backyard pool.

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there are 2 yearly reminders that I do and haven't yet - #1 - if you feel
the need to carry weed on you in southern NM - don't - too many border
patrol around - one year a BP stopped a hiker and made him take everything
from his pack - wait till you get farther north - a rocky mtn high is great
- been there #2 - when the weather get's warmer the cattle stock ponds will
look inviting to swim in - don't - the cows will not drink from it due to
human smells and this pisses off the ranchers - they have to empty it and
clean it out and then refill - with a major drought going on water is
valuable and limited - the ranchers have enough problems with the illegals
batheing in them 



Deming, NM

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