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lauren moran laurenmoran15 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 17 07:57:19 CDT 2013

Hi everyone - My hiking partners and I are trying to nail down a start date for our southbound hike this year. We have been thinking about June 15th, but are trying to get a sense of how much snow we will likely be dealing with during the first few weeks of our hike. Of course the temps over the next 8 weeks can't really be predicted and will be a huge determiner of how much melting goes on. But...given that this was an average snow year in Montana, can someone give some sort of sense of what conditions MIGHT be like in Glacier and the Bob in mid June. Our main frame of reference is that we hiked the PCT in 2010, a pretty high snow year (but way less than 2011). My buddy thinks there will be "substantially more" snow in Montana than what we encountered in the Sierra (6/30 entry date); I am hoping he is incorrect about that. I assume the Highline Trail will be impassable, so we'll plan to start at Chief Mountain. Any thoughts and advice are appreciated.
-Swiss Miss

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