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Wed Apr 17 10:31:23 CDT 2013

I was also planning on startin around June 15th from Chief mtn. Goin to
carry an axe as well as microspikes I reckon. Like you said this was an
average year for Montana so it seems the snow wont be too bad if you are
comfortable with with that sort of thing. I'm a bit more worried about
river crossings in the Bob.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 8:57 AM, lauren moran <laurenmoran15 at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Hi everyone - My hiking partners and I are trying to nail down a start
> date for our southbound hike this year. We have been thinking about June
> 15th, but are trying to get a sense of how much snow we will likely be
> dealing with during the first few weeks of our hike. Of course the temps
> over the next 8 weeks can't really be predicted and will be a huge
> determiner of how much melting goes on. But...given that this was an
> average snow year in Montana, can someone give some sort of sense of what
> conditions MIGHT be like in Glacier and the Bob in mid June. Our main frame
> of reference is that we hiked the PCT in 2010, a pretty high snow year (but
> way less than 2011). My buddy thinks there will be "substantially more"
> snow in Montana than what we encountered in the Sierra (6/30 entry date); I
> am hoping he is incorrect about that. I assume the Highline Trail will be
> impassable, so we'll plan to start at Chief Mountain. Any thoughts and
> advice are appreciated.
> -Swiss Miss
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