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Trick Tank???





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I'm not sure of the mileage from Snow Lake, but the Gila and official routes
are reunited at the point where the trail crosses Hwy 12 at the beginning of
Segment 16.  From there It is a 40.0 mile road walk on the old route to
Pietown, and Segment 17 continuing onwards from Pie Town to the beginning of
Segment 18 is 29.5 miles.  


>From the same point on Hwy 12, it is 38.1 miles on the new trail to US Hwy
60 near Omega.  The shortest mileage from Omega to the beginning of
Segment 18 is 26.6 miles via dirt roads. (The route shown in the 2013 Map
Book)  Pie Town is 13.1 miles east of where the route hits Hwy 60. 
 Quemado is 7.6 miles west.  When you reach this point you will have the
dilemma of either:  1.  Hiking to Pietown and continuing north on the old 
route.   2. Hiking to Quemado and continuing on by following highways north.
3.  Hitching a ride to either town and returning to Omega to hike north.  


I think if I were hiking this year I would hike the new trail then do choice
number one or three.  The BLM/USFS plan is to construct new trail that 
parallels Hwy 60 from Omega to Pietown, and new trail from Pietown north
towards the Malpais.  That will eventually eliminate the road walks while
leaving Pietown on the route.     


I'm not sure about this year, but when we mapped the new route last year we
found 10 good water sources.  Two of those are "trick tanks", so they
may not be very palatable in a dry year.  Most of the others are windmills
and cattle watering tanks which are usually fairly reliable. The old  road
to Pie Town has 5 water sources, and three of those are within three miles
of each other.  They are also cattle watering setups.  


The new trail is a much nicer route than the old road walk.   


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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HI all,

I am wondering if anyone knows the difference in mileage between Snow Lake
and PIe  Town on Leys route versus the new CDT route.

Also have heard rumor the new CDT route is pretty dry this year and some
have had trouble finding water at the places water is supposed to be. 

any info helpful



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