[Cdt-l] Pinedale to S Pass City, also Lander

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Don't drink much, Mini Mart; only very rarely drink alone, but perhaps  I 
should have reassured everyone that it's still there. I did stop at Uncle  
Bucks outside Anaconda though. 
Also, saw most of the first 30+ Nbounders; knew 2 of them, knew Peanut  
Eater and, after he reminded me, Tattoo Joe from the PCT; another one thought  
she remembered me from the PCT. A guy just named Ross was apparently  at the 
head of the pack. Also met Wired, w/whom I'd talked on this list a few  
months ago. 
Hope my info  helps a few; the S bounders are still to come here in MT. 
Headin home to TX in a  few minutes.
Got ~400 CDT & ~400 PCT left for my 3 Crown; 200 AZT to finish it, and  
early next year some GET or HT.
Hike well,  all'a y'all! (that's the correct plural)
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
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How about the important stuff? Did you get to the Wind River Brew  Pub in 
Pinedale? Mini Mart

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couple days late--w/all 3 of my Bros...
1. Yogi, et all: Teton Court  & Blue Moon Lodge are definitely out of 
business; walked by 7 AM Sun on  way to breakfast @ Heart & Soul; BML had "out of 
business" sign on office  door; no cars, lights, nuthin' at Teton Court 
1. A few more fords on way to SPC, none over shin deep this  year.
2. Virga, light rain, and threats every day but last; med rain  & 1/4" hail 
one nite in tent.
3. Combo of markers, no markers--the usual generally poor CDT  marking this 
last section; pay attention to the letters at the end of the JBrn  
waypoints. (I sure as hell don't think one should have to use a GPS to stay on  a 
trail, esp a National Scenic Trail.)
4. 2 of my 3 Bros picked me up at the end, so no comments on SPC;  I was 
driven away at 8PM dusk, roughly, w/a beer in my hand--a truly happy  camper!
1. Yogi, et all: We drove to Lander; I  walked into the Holiday Lodge, 
w/Yogi's pages in hand; met a very nice Rick  Clark, who charged the 3 of us $80 
total, a definite discount from 2013  prices. That included a roll away bed 
for me--a definite step up from a  ThermaRest pad don't forget. My Bros 
said the mattresses were the best  motel/hotel ones they'd ever slept on. The 
next morning Barb Clark and I had a  very nice conversation. They have a 
continental breakfast, and now a lobby  computer for guests. .
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer

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