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If one's goal is to follow the CD as closely as possible, that makes sense.
But if you agree with the aims of the CDTS and look for- what does Jim Wolfe
say- water and historic/senic advantages- than the CDTS is a very good


Keith has set up two very good spots between Columbus and Deming for water,
Deming is a great resupply town, and there is water north of there.  Keith
in Deming  and Lynnea in Mimbres are excellent support.  


I am not fixated on the CD myself- just looking for an interesting route and
the CDTS is it.  


This is my opinion- Keith is a very good experience.  He loves the CDTS and
has done a lot to set up water contacts between Deming and Columbus.  I told
him what he asks for picking up hikers and getting them to Columbus is too
little.  I never met Sam Hughes, but I am sure Kieth has done as much for
the CDTS as Same did for CC's and the CDT.



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I disagree - The best place should be on the true Divide west of Antelope
Wells, but the Busch family won't let hikers on their property. Another
example of the one percenters calling the shots. Mini Mart



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This is my opinion on the CDT.  With the loss of Sam and his support the
CDTS route starting at Columbus thru Deming looks even more attractive.  


Keith has set up a nice network of support/water spots from Columbus to
Demings, the trail is interesting for its landscapes and location.  I still
look back on my start with Kieth this April as one of the best backpack
trips of my life even though I ended at Snowy Lake.  And yes, I have been
thinking about another try at this.  I need to find a retired person with


But the purpose of this post is just to give a another Big Thumbs up once
again for the CDTS route.  Well worth considering.






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anyone heard anything about a new trail angel in hachita?



Deming, NM

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