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at the time of sam's untimely death there were a few people scrambling for his trail angel job per a friend of mine that lives there
I will contact him and see if I can make contact with any of them to see what can be done 
actually I believe that you can camp on the side of the road on your way to antelope wells - there's about 40 - 50 feet of highway right of way to the rancher's fence line - I have been there and seen it - I remember when Li Brannfor's and I left some trail magic for Nitro and her group off the side of the road hidden behind brush - now, don't jump down my throat but I think that the CDTA thought better of CC than antelope wells
talked to my friend in hachita just now - he says that there isn't anyone right off that wants to do it all the time BUT he said to put his number on here as a point of contact and he'll do what he can do for the hikers - Tom Nelson 575 436 2751 - he has been hachita's fire chief and teaches a lot of classes - he has lived there for years and has many contacts

Deming, NM
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