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"now, don't jump down my throat but I think that the CDTA thought better of
CC than antelope wells"


I'm not jumping, but I think it is a misconception to think CDTA picked the
CC terminus.  Ultimately, the alignments of the trail were (are) decided by
higher ups in the government after considerable study with public input from
individuals and organizations such as CDTS, CDTA, and more recently CDTC.
Avoidance of private property was (and is) one of the highest
considerations, and CC seems to fit that requirement better than Antelope
Wells or Deming.   (Also why the official trail misses Ghost Ranch.)  Some
other considerations are proximity to the divide, non-motorized status, and
other scenic or environmental qualities. I imagine that the drier Black
Range was chosen as the official route over the Gila River for proximity
reasons since it is largely on the crest of the divide and the river is
further away.  Fires in recent years have affected both routes, so it seems
like a good idea to be prepared to go either way.  There are two places on
the CDT where an alternate route is also an official route.  They are the
short route in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Chief Mountain Route in


The trail is actually the center of a sizable corridor of protected land so
the shoulder of a road through private lands would not be acceptable if a
reasonable alternative existed.  The road walks that do occur now are
considered by government agencies as sections of trail not yet built.  This
is the reason for the disclaimer in the Mapbook which states:  "Paved
highways and improved roads are not part of the "official" CDNST.  No
"official" route yet exists in those places."  BTW, the USFS provided that
language and requested it be used.  Most of the new trail built in the past
few years has been to get off of roads. 


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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at the time of sam's untimely death there were a few people scrambling for
his trail angel job per a friend of mine that lives there

I will contact him and see if I can make contact with any of them to see
what can be done 

actually I believe that you can camp on the side of the road on your way to
antelope wells - there's about 40 - 50 feet of highway right of way to the
rancher's fence line - I have been there and seen it - I remember when Li
Brannfor's and I left some trail magic for Nitro and her group off the side
of the road hidden behind brush - now, don't jump down my throat but I think
that the CDTA thought better of CC than antelope wells

talked to my friend in hachita just now - he says that there isn't anyone
right off that wants to do it all the time BUT he said to put his number on
here as a point of contact and he'll do what he can do for the hikers - Tom
Nelson 575 436 2751 - he has been hachita's fire chief and teaches a lot of
classes - he has lived there for years and has many contacts



Deming, NM

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