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Hello All -

I am guessing that Jim hiked the Chain of Craters route since he lost those particular maps from his NM book <g>.  I hiked the other side of the lava fields (Ley alternate) when I did that section this fall and enjoyed the hike, rain and all.  

I later drove north to south on the road that goes along (on and near) the Chain of Craters route and was curious if I could find any water along the way.  It turns out that there is a modern obviously lived-in ranch place about halfway down the road that might turn into a useful water option (saw nobody around, didn't stop to talk) by doing a loop east off the trail to the road and back.  

Jim, it looked like the Chain of Craters route would be a nice hike - I am wondering how you worked your water.

BTW, I was driving a C-Max and came close a few times to not making it back to hardtop.   I didn't stop to check water quantity/quality at the windmill a few miles from the south end of the road because thunderstorms were all around me.  If one had come over to add to the mud that I was already slithering through I would probably still be there…

- Charlie

> I have a used NM mapbook, purchased last year.  All maps were used and then replaced in the spiral binder. 
> Maps 66 and 67 were lost.  These are in the middle of the Chain of Craters route north of Pietown. 
> I'm selling them to a good home for a non refundable $10 shipping and handling to the lower 48.  I take Paypal.
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