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Jim Eagleton eagletonjim at aol.com
Sat Dec 14 19:04:48 CST 2013

Not sure of the question or answer here.  I spotted water by car, before we started the hike, at the southwest and north east ends of route 117 (sic. the east-west paved road that the CoC route takes to Grants and the Ley route leaves much further north to take the Acoma Zuni trail the other direction.)  I tried to drive the dirt roads but it had just snowed.  The road was too muddy.  Some people/blogs will tell you that this-or-that is the muddiest trail in NM after a rain.  They are all wrong.  You cannot walk easily anywhere in NM after a rain.  

I heard reports of private water at the first intersection and water near the marked windmill that required following a cow path to vertical metal tank.  I did not personally see either source, so who knows.  

Burglar took CoC from Pietown and got private water just to the east on the paved 117 sic. before hiking west to the CoC route.  

I like the CoC route, but hiking the A-Z trail the other direction is also good and has better water caches as long as they are maintained by the Mumms.  

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