[Cdt-l] Q RE Zpaks tents

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 02:18:49 CST 2013

I used the Double Hexamid from ZPacks on the CDT this year and loved having
all that room at the cost of only a few oz more than the single.  In
ferocious blows, wind, rain, hail and snow, it held up superbly.  It is not
as easy to set up as my old Wanderlust Nomad, which only took two stakes to
be dry, but the lightness (half the weight of my old single person) and
roominess, made for a very pleasant 5 months on trail.  Then again, I only
used it when it was storming or buggy.  I'll use it on my next long hike.

Joe has some wonderful, if pricy, cuben products.

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