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ah   Lodge is AT the hot springs; docs is a store, but has a few places to rent across the street(where I stayed) that is a WALK to the springs.  As I recall Lodge is south of Docs (about a mile?)and just further away from the dwellings.  Doc's places were not that cheap as I recall, but did have kitchenettes.  Don't remember laundry, but washed all in shower and spread on a clothes line to dry.   Thought lodging at Doc's just fine and better for my budget.

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It appears I misphrased my question.

I was asking if I had a choice between one place or the other, which one is recommended?  I was NOT asking about general area opportunities.


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pros - hot springs and walk to the cliff dwellings.  cons - not the prettiest of spots  "sample" - do by walking along(and lots of crossing) the river itself.  Just beyond Doc's I stopped at a Ranger Station since I was a tad overdone w the river thing(COLD).  They helped me set a course that combined some other trails, forest roads etc to avoid some of the river, but reconnected to the main trail.  CicelyB

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On a NoBo hike, I'd like to take a zero to sample the Gila River area.   

What would be pros and cons between Doc Campbell's and the Wilderness Lodge (besides cost)? 


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