[Cdt-l] First Cdt thru hiker

Stephen Olshansky olshanskystephen at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 19:07:44 CST 2013

Let me say up front I am not sure of either the spelling or the facts, but if I remember correctly it was a hiker named Ames/eames/aemes. 
He thru hiked in 1972 with Ben Schifrin (who writes pct guidebook)
And one other guy. who were some of the first to thru hike the pct. 
I have a blowup picture of them at Donahue pass in the snow in 72. :-)
Ben told me Ames was an extremely strong hiker who went on to thru hike the CDT the following year 73 and it's possible he was first triple crowner. Have to get in touch with Ben to be sure about the facts.

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