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I tried to research who hiked the "CDT" first a year or so ago.  I wrote to
Ryback, asking if he knew of anyone who had hiked it before him and got no
response.  In talking to Jim Wolf, I found he has no concrete reference to
the "first."  He did point me to - and I talked with - the probable first
section hiker to complete the trail:  Les Scharnberg (now Rabbi Scharnberg).
He started in March 1975, took 3 weeks off at Silver City.  Started again
there and hiked to RMNP, where winter stopped him in December (1975).  In
March 1976 he picked up again at RMNP and hiked to Waterton.  That's as far
as I got with the issue.


Bob Ellinwood



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Eric Ryback hiked the CDT in 1972 and wrote a book about it..


On 2/1/2013 5:54 PM, Christopher Hillier wrote:

Is there consensus on who was the first person to thru-hike the CDT? When
did they do it? I know the trail is not complete and each hike is different,
blah blah blah.... Who did it first? Any response is appreciated. 

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