[Cdt-l] Gila river route GPS data hey starman

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Sat Feb 9 02:05:30 CST 2013

The tracks are up to date as of the previous year of Ley info and are for the 2011 to 2012 maps. I can't see very many changes for the alternates in 2013. But, I haven't seen the 2013 Ley maps.

Remember the tracks are hand drawn based off of map data, the Out Of Order track file and my field data that is one to three years old. The most up to date file is the Mack's Inn route.

I won't be doing any updates until after my hike on the AT starting this spring/summer

If anyone sees any changes please let me know, but my head is in the mode of AT planning.

The Bear Creek data is Very up to date and matches their Atlas maps (see their web site)

Good luck to all CDT hikers for 2013. 

Be safe, stay found and have a great hike......




Speal cheked and sentfrum mi eyepad

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