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Free waypoint files for the entire CDT (which include the cache boxes) are
available here:  www.bearcreeksurvey.com   


Take the Waypoints link on the main page and you will end up on a page where
you can download them. They were all collected with professional grade gps
and are quite accurate. There are 6972 waypoints in all for the entire trail
route, average spacing a little over ½ mile.  They only apply to the
official USFS/BLM route for the CDNST so for the many possible alternate
hikes such as the Gila River, Winds, or Anaconda cutoff they won’t help, but
most of the time you will likely be on the official route.  I think Frank’s
G’s website may have some helpful data for the alternates.


The Mapbooks are spiral bound collections of 1”=3000’ scale hiker maps that
show the official route and all of the waypoints with a high level of
accuracy. There is information about them on the front page of the bearcreek


These are the Waypoint names for the Water Boxes between Crazy Cook and








There is a considerable amount of water in there in addition to the boxes.
(Farm ponds and watering tanks)  Any waypoint that ends in “WT” is a place
we found water.  I would suggest always carrying more than you anticipate
needing in there in case one of them is dry or non functional.  If you plan
for 20 miles between water sources you could do the entire thing just using
the cache boxes. 



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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