[Cdt-l] waypoints Sam Huges water Caches?

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Frank, Everyone else, 

Are the water caches shown on the BLM like Frank gave below the same caches
as those used by Sam Hughes?  

If so, I am not able to connect the waypoints for the caches in the
bearcreek waypoints and those given the link below- or am I just reading the
info incorrectly?

I hope I don't weary all you CDT veterans with all these questions. 

It has been over 10 years now since i last used long/lat in a much simplier
GPS then the Etrex30 I am now playing with.  

This is getting more interesting all the time.


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Yep, like Jerry says..check out his web site and download all the data you
can digest...

also one more Google search for:   water new mexico cdt

brought up the number two link of:

Click on the pdf link in the topic box of "Water" and you even have

"Stay Thirsty, my Friends..."

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