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Grants NM: Each water cache has a cairn marking the location, and the water is half buried in the ground in metal boxes with a CDT logo on top of each box.  The boxes are always within 6 feet of the cairn, but slightly hidden in trees. We had one of the boxes stolen, so you may have to look around a bit to find the box.

These water caches follow the Ley routes and the Wolf books.  If you take the CDT Alliance route out of Pietown, there is no water.  Note:  The Mt. Taylor (Gooseberry) location marked on the Ley maps is incorrect - it is at the junction of the 193 and the 501. Happy Trails!  Hugo and Carole
Reading South to North, they will be found as follows: 

1.    At the eastern Acoma- Zuni trailhead on N.Mex. hwy 117 , in the island  
of the parking area to the right. (GPS 34 53.938 N, 107 51.535 W).

2.    In Bonita Canyon, near the cattle guard 0.2 miles north of N.Mex. hwy 53
(GPS  34 57.503 N, 107 56.906 W). Hidden under the tree just past the cattle guard on the left. 

3.    [Mt. Taylor summit route] At the junction of FR 193 and FR 501 just behind the marker 
sign.GPS 35 13.128 N, 107 38.212 W.)

4.    [Designated CDT route west of Mt. Taylor]  The cache is at the 
northern crossing of FR 193 (second crossing for NOBO's and first crossing for SOBO's). 
(GPS 35 13.913 N, 107 38.418 W).

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