[Cdt-l] Final Plans

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Wed Feb 13 20:47:44 CST 2013

I had a nice phone chat with Keith in Deming tonight.  Very pleasant person
and very helpful.


I have come to a decision to hike the CDTS route for 3 or 4 reasons.


I plan now to start on April 1- thought that would be a very appropriate day
for a 64 yr old retiree to start a hike of New Mexico.


For a sense of history and trail flavor I am going to spend my first night
at Poncho Villa State Park.  I have been wanting to see that for some time.
Some time on April 2 I will load up with water and start out for Deming some
50 odd miles up the road.  


I am planning on hiking about 10- 15 miles a day or what the trail gives.  I
am in no hurry.  


I am open for company.  







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