[Cdt-l] Trail Markers in the CDTS Route?

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I would have preferred a little less adventure.  

When I hiked NM I used Ley Maps, Wolf Guide, compass, and a gps with some
waypoints I made using Topo!  Got off-track regularly, despite having
considerable experience with map and compass.  The PCT is much easier to
follow.  First of all, the Wolf Guide is very confusing for a NOBO hike. My
Topo! Waypoints were for the most part worthless - hundreds, even thousands
of feet off in places. Apparently the trail has been moved around quite a
bit in lots of places so picking waypoints with a mouse doesn't work so
well. Easy to walk past turns and intersections because the trail often
doesn't match the map. 

For the rest of the trail I used a combination of Bearcreek and Ley Maps,
and a gps with downloaded BC waypoints.  I used the BC maps most of the time
and the Ley maps when I left the main route. That is an unbeatable setup,
and made the hike much more enjoyable. I really got my daily miles up doing
it that way. 

I agree that the Ley compass rose is pretty cool. It is a necessity since
the maps are irregularly shaped so the conventional method of orienting
using an edge doesn't always work. The BC maps have straight edges so you
can set the declination in a compass and use grid lines to orient with, and
the UTM grid setup is awesome.     

As far as markers go, the main trail is really not marked very consistently
and the alternates aren't at all.  I found some places in MT where the wrong
trail was marked. Apparently they moved it but didn't take down the old
route so everyone going NOBO was following a different trail than people
going South. More marking is something that trail could use. 

I thought the CC start was enjoyable but had a hard time in places because a
lot of the marker posts were knocked down. Following a gps with waypoints
would have been better than all the wandering around I did getting through


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The Ley maps are mostly in sync with the Wolf guide on the Columbus route,
though the Ley maps offer some interesting and creative alternates. Take the
Wolf guide AND the Ley maps. Learn how navigate using gps and the inverted
compass rose on the Ley maps.  Takes half a day. It's fun and makes New
Mexico more of an adventure than just following waypoints. -Ron

On Feb 13, 2013, at 7:02 PM, Peter Sustr <petersustr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just to confirm some things I've heard is that the Columbus route matches
the Ley maps which use some or most of the wolf guides data? Any
clarification between those two would be appreciated. 
> Peter 
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