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cowboys say that if you run some rope around your campsite that snakes won't slither over it

Deming, NM

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Re:  Would either the rattlesnakes or scorpions be sufficient reason to 
se an enclosed tent versus a tarp? I see several journals in which 
owboy camping is common.
While I cowboy camped a lot on the PCT and fully expected to do so on 
he CDT, I found I mostly erected by Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis (a 
yramid-shaped tarp with fringe of bug netting) mainly as a wind break.  
Once, in MT when I did cowboy camp, I had to jump out of the sleeping 
ag at 3am upon feeling some raindrops and hurriedly put the tarp up 
ver my camp.)
Never saw a rattlesnake or scorpion, though one or the other may have 
lithered or crawled over me as I slept.
Your post indicated you plan to leave April 1 or so.  Be aware there 
ill be some cold nights and possibly a lot of snow up in the San Pedro 
DT 10, 11, 12 and done

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