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MARY E DAVISON pastormaryd at msn.com
Sat Feb 16 20:05:59 CST 2013

Doug, sure, if you can do more mileage per day you carry less water and less food. I was 70 years old last spring and i hike with a knee replacement, arthritis yada yada. I have to plan mileage I can accomplish. I do less miles per day than the usual long distance hiker. If you are reading my journals you see my mileage. I probably average 10-13 miles a day, occassional 15-16 mile day, sometimes 8. I try to judge by climbs and how much I will be carrying. Sometimes I have to carry extra water, more often I do extra research to find more frequent help with food drops. I also plan in more detail than most hikers. I have my limitations so figure out how to hike with my limitations. I don't consider myself especially gutsy. I am just too stubborn to stop hiking.

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