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Interesting. Back in 1980 when I did the CDT, there was no trail and all I could do was link together dirt roads and the occasional trail. Had a blast, nevertheless! Met with the Regional Forester in Denver when I was in Colorado to talk about the “proposed trail’s route.” 

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I'm reading the New Mexico section of Where the Waters Divide and I am noting how Karen Berger and Dan smith got lost north of Ghost Ranch.  This book written in 1993 is of course dated and many of the route issues they faced have been resolved.  But, are there any lingering route problems between Ghost Ranch and Cumbres Pass?


Karen and Dan pretty much followed the CDTS route all the way through NM.  The early pioneer hikers on the CDT had a very unique experience.  Maybe someday I will meet Jim Wolf and thank him for his contribution to the CDT.  And all the other CDT hikers who have followed along.




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