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Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Wed Feb 27 10:24:01 CST 2013

Just wondering if there are any tips for saving on food weight?

Better to carry a little less than a little more?


And am I the only one that finds some foods that sound good to me at home- I
had hardly stand on the trail?


I am finding a more bland type food appeals to me better than the spicy


Just a note:  I just spent 3 dys/ 2 nights in the Superstition Mts in AZ.  I
tried out my new Zpack Hexamoid solo plus tent.  I had frost on the inside
both nights. 


I used my 30* summer bag in temps well below that and was cold both nights.
I tried using a small quilt I had Feathered Friends make for me that is
about 4' x 5' inside the bag for added warmth but I could not get the quilt
to cooperate with me and it kept moving around all night.  Maybe I could
safety pin it in place.  Cold nights are miserable and I think I am coming
down with a cold.  


I hiked out yesterday doing a 15 miler with lots of ups and down.  Legs are
tired today.  


I am going to sell the quilt on eBay.


Work on the diet- I am going to be trying some new combinations today and
see how they work.  I have enough Esbit tabs for this trip.  A Dicks store
in Michigan was cleaning out its stock and I bought all they had for under
$4 a box- I picked up hundreds of tabs.  


My best trail food is a block of cheese and a nice onion on a tortilla shell
and an individual pack of mayonnaise.

Substituting a small foil pack of salmon makes a great meal, too.


The NB trail shoes did well on the trip.


The batteries in my SteriPen failed but I had a back up filter with me.  I
can't stand any floaties in my water or strange colors and even with the
prefilter I am not sure I like using a steriPen.  I may put those up on eBay
today and just use the heavier MSR water filter- no failure- reliable.


working my way up a long incline yesterday I could feel my pulse throbbing
in my head and I started to hear a strange soound like a train going by that
lasted for well over an hour even though I sat down and waiting for the
pulse to go back down.  I told my wife, the nurse, about it when I got home
last night and she didn't think that was a good thing.  I have a doctor
appointment going up on March 10 and will discuss that with her then.





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