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Sat Jan 5 08:12:24 CST 2013

My wife's Dad is a 94 yo WW2 veteran. North Africa, France, etc. He was a
26 yo Army doctor.  He says the same as John's uncle. He asks me if I'm
going to be "marching" this summer.

On Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 9:03 AM, John Evans - N0HJ <jaevans at pcisys.net>wrote:

>  This reminds me of something my uncle once told me when I attempted to
> discuss the joys of backpacking and camping with him.  He was a WWII
> veteran who, after the war, had no interest whatsoever in ever sleeping on
> the ground again.  Our experiences definitely shape who we are and what we
> enjoy.
> John
> On 1/5/2013 3:57 AM, neighbor dave wrote:
>  while the great outdoors are a wonderful place to clear ones mind, one
> must also endure hardship, if one endures hardship on a daily basis in
> whatever form it comes in, doing so for "recreation" would sound less than
> appealing. think cold, hungry, tired. then think africa, india, china, the
> inner city, etc.etc.etc.
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