[Cdt-l] Brief trail report

Stephen Olshansky olshanskystephen at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 15:46:02 CST 2013

2012 brief trail report
Not only is the trails popularity increasing, but its notoriety is really catching on. 
The trail is remarkably well marked and easy to follow. ...
Much easier then its reputation. 
I am really interested to see how the aspens react this spring in northern NM and if the caterpillars return in such numbers. 
I was taken aback by the beatle damage. Jaw dropping extent of it. The Beatles are winning; incredible amount of standing/fallen dead timber. 
"Freebird" stated, "this is the best you will ever see the trail. With budgets being cut and so many dead trees about to come down we won't be able to keep up with it. It's going to deteriorate" 
I simply don't know, but I believe the trail is in good hands with the likes of...
Jim Wolf
Jonathan Ley
Jerry Brown
Jim and Ginny
Shannon F.
And many others....
Ty all out there in Cdt -l thanks for the help along the way this year. 
Life is a Hike

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