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Looking down from San Lois Peak this summer at miles and miles of brown dead
pine it was obviously a fire waiting to happen.  Fires will clean up some of
the problem with downed trees.


It is also a  time for the aspen to reclaim those same slopes for


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Forgot to add cdt-l; sorry Stephen.


Bob "Trekker" Brewer
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas



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    I've hiked by or on at least a dozen CDT slopes, in the last 3 years,
with 90% dead trees. I believe the tipping point is coming within 10
years--the point where there are too many dead trees across the trail to
hike it. The budget simply won't be there to keep up that kind of

    I do pray I'm wrong; however, the CDT simply doesn't have the
maintenance support structure of the AT & PCT. The CDT's only hope was the
CDTA, which went down due to an overpaid, poor leader, who didn't even raise
enough money to pay his own, 6-figure salary (info from an in person
conversation last summer with a former paid staffer ). 

    I went around the section just S of Grand Lake last summer, where the FS
says they're waiting for more trees to fall before clearing it; granted it's
a Wilderness Area where hand tools have to be used, but...

    2K down, 800 to go, hopefully this Jul-Aug; glad I can finish the CDT
before it becomes impossible. Part of CO will be okay, because the COT (Gudy
Gaskill & sucessors, who know how to make a trail happen) has taken over
maintenance on the W side of the Collegiate's; MT/ID will be okay, because
MWA has assumed oversight of that (Shannon Freix, who does an excellent job
of oversight). I know of no other large NGO's helping the CDT. That leaves
us with the government, who won't be able to keep up; I'd bet my this
summer's hiking budget on that.   

    Mega kudos to the people named below, for all they do, but they can't do
all the basic maintenance. There was a post-CDTA Demise rumor about someone
trying to step up, but I've heard nothing else. To personally get the CDT
finished , I'm taking a basic course on climbing over blowdowns. I'm also
wondering if there's some kind of laser gun to make tree cutting safer and



Bob "Trekker" Brewer
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas


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2012 brief trail report
Not only is the trails popularity increasing, but its notoriety is really
catching on. 
The trail is remarkably well marked and easy to follow. ...
Much easier then its reputation. 
I am really interested to see how the aspens react this spring in northern
NM and if the caterpillars return in such numbers. 
I was taken aback by the beatle damage. Jaw dropping extent of it. The
Beatles are winning; incredible amount of standing/fallen dead timber. 
"Freebird" stated, "this is the best you will ever see the trail. With
budgets being cut and so many dead trees about to come down we won't be able
to keep up with it. It's going to deteriorate" 
I simply don't know, but I believe the trail is in good hands with the likes
Jim Wolf
Jonathan Ley
Jerry Brown
Jim and Ginny
Shannon F.
And many others....
Ty all out there in Cdt -l thanks for the help along the way this year. 
Life is a Hike

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