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Thank you all for answering my AZT water questions, and your additional
recommendations and links. Very helpful! 



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Hi Ron,

I hiked the AZT from Mexico to the North Rim last March-May.  From the
border to Oracle I don't remember any particular issues with water, but I
also hiked about 20 miles/day.  If you can buy a pre-filter for your water
filter get it.  If not, at least bring a paper coffee filter.  Make sure you
have a filter you can clean because there are a lot of muddy cow-poo water
sources.  Kentucky camp is really cool.  I would recommend camping there.

North of Oracle are some stretches, the Mazatals require some thought and
the Gila river will clog any filter.

This website:
usually has the best info about water sources.  The AZT databook was also
helpful for water planning as were Li Branfor's maps (check Grand Canyon
segment steward contact info on the AZT page if you are interested in the



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