[Cdt-l] Here is the Class of 2013 website

Erin Saver erinsaver at walkingwithwired.com
Sat Jan 12 19:31:31 CST 2013

Fellow hiker Liz and I(Wired) are working on a website that lists all the
2013 hikers and their blogs (if they have one). If you are hiking and would
like to be added to the list, please reply to this or email me personally.
It is a work in progress...  http://www.thetrailunitesus.com

The intention of this website is to provide those people following our
thru-hiking journals a “one stop” website to see who has updated their
blog; alternatively, it’s also to encourage hikers to easily follow fellow
hiker’s journeys, and to encourage those of us on the ground to update the
group with current trail conditions — closures, water sources, trail angels
and the like.

Erin Wired Saver
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