[Cdt-l] crampons vs. microspikes for NOBO hike?

Scott Piddington sp2mtns at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 08:02:32 CST 2013

Micro-Spikes worked great for me in the San Juans in early June of 2010 and in late July of 2011 in the Winds. I was very glad to be using them. I wish I had them on the PCT. I have never tried the KTS crampons. they look nice but cost another $100 and weigh another 6 or 7 ounces. They appear to be more awkward to pack. Just some things to think about.
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>Hello everyone!
>I am contemplating a NOBO CDT hike this year and am curious about the efficacy of the microspikes vs crampons.  If anyone has tried either and has an opinion they would like to share, I would appreciate it.
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