[Cdt-l] Alcohol Stove fuel

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 22:24:12 CST 2013

Most hardware stores will carry S-L-X or some other brand of paint thinner
- usually labeled denatured alcohol - this is basically what Heet is.  Just
look at the ingredients - you want one with really high methanol and/or
Ethyl Alcohol.  It should burn clean if these contents are high, like over

It is sometimes also labeled as marine stove fuel - as I think it is used
in some stoves on boats.

Note that in some areas of California they no longer sell this as a paint
thinner - but I suspect it can still be bought as a marine stove fuel "wink
wink" at the same place.


> I have been using the S-L-X brand denatured alcohol for a lot of trail
> miles and have never had any problems of any kind with it.  I buy the
> biggest can that I will need for the entire hike and break it down into the
> little plastic soft drink (or water) bottles sized to fit the number of
> days in each resupply I set up.  Never had the big cans leak in the car,
> either.
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