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Haven't tried it, but you are smart to consider alternatives.  Before we tried to hike the GET, we stopped at several of the towns that are resupply points and found HEET in short supply.  That was not a problem on the CDT, where almost every town seemed to have some sort of auto parts store, but the GET is different.  I think since so much of the area is desert, gas line dryer isn't really a big seller.  If we had continued past Mammoth, we would have been eating cold, since we couldn't find any fuel for the stove. Ginny

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I've used an alcohol stove for many years and usually used Yellow HEET as fuel. Rather than buying the individual 12 oz bottles, I was wondering whether the fuel was available in larger containers. I looked on the Home Depot website and found a product called "Klean-Strip 1 gal. Brush Cleaner" which has a sku code 809347 and costs $16.96 for the gallon size. Under the specifications for the product it states that the solvent type is denatured alcohol. Has anyone tried this product in their stove? If this stuff works then it would be a good alternative (and more economical in some locations) to buying the yellow HEET bottles. Also "brush cleaner" may be available in some towns when HEET is not.


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