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It is a shame that these folks are making this hard decision.  


But really, you need to look back at the history of this sorry incident
before you start piling on.  The entire scenario with  Keith began when he
launched a rather inflammatory public attack of Yogi because he was not
mentioned in her guide.  People started writing in and a lot of not so nice
things were said.  The issue seemed to go away after a while, but Keith
re-ignited it with additional remarks about Yogi.  At that point Matt became
involved and some more rather uncivil comments were exchanged.  


Bottom line - this is Keith's little play.  It's still going on. Piling on
Matt is just a distraction.  




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Actually, Carole and Hugo made that decision well over 2 months ago.  On
November 8, 2012, Carole sent me this in an email:


Hi Jackie:  Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed having Matt over for
dinner last night.  He is probably on his way to Pietown by now.  After
careful consideration, I think we would like to take our information out of
the Yogi Book.  We had a great experience with the hikers this year, however
we had 55 nobos and at over 70 years old, it was overwhelming.  We will
continue to put out the water at the same locations, but we had a problem
with the sobos just coming through Grants taking the water and not advising
us if the water is low.  We have a notice in the caches to call us when the
cache is down to 12 bottles, but they never called.  We have a 50 mile round
trip to each of the caches, so we have relied on the hikers to let us know
when the water is down.  Before we were in your book, they were really great
about notifying us, but now they seem to think it is just owed to them.


I'm not interested in joining this thread, other than to clarify the fact
that Carole and Hugo made their decision long ago.



On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Brett <blisterfree at yahoo.com> wrote:

So I guess Yogi now has the inglorious task of removing a trail angel from
her guidebook listing as a direct result of her significant other's cdt-l
posts. Matt, next time you have our permission to wake her up before you go
anywhere near your keyboard, okay? Better yet, just refrain. Geesh... What a

- blisterfree

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Hello from Grants New Mexico. I guess this is as good a time as any to let
everyone know that Hugo and I have had to make a very difficult decision. We
feel that we can no longer host hikers in our home. We will continue to
supply the 4 water caches in the Grants area, and will always help in any
way we can with transportation, trail information and receiving your
re-supply boxes. This decision was a tough one, because we have had such an
incredible experience with the CDT hikers and feel honored to have met so
many amazing people. We have to be honest, that part of this decision was
the direct result of the very negative postings last fall by a SOBO hiker
against a NM trail angel. We were blown away that a hiker would use a public
forum (cdt-l) to say such negative and trashy things (from hearsay only)
without ever having met this person nor stayed at their home. He did make a
comment that made our final decision - he said that trail angels probably
didn't have licenses nor 
enough liability insurance. We checked into that and found that we didn't
have enough liability insurance as our insurance company would put us in the
category of a B & B because of the number of hikers coming to our home in a
short period of time. This would require at least 3.5 million dollars in
additional liability insurance, which we cannot afford. Today, we were once
again shocked by the negative postings on the cdt-l. 
    To all future CDT hikers, please know that we truly support your journey
and will always assist in any way we can. If you need help just call us.  We
can still have a Bar-B-Q and would love to meet you all. Don't hesitate to
contact us. If you need the water cache locations or any info, you can use
this email address.  birdcage at 7cities.net
<http://us.mc845.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=birdcage@7cities.net>    Happy
Trails!  Hugo and Carole Mumm

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