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Karl Gottshalk kgottshalk at gmail.com
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I have been considering this tent for a long time. I have a Shires Tarptent
Squall II (2#) that I use when my wife comes with me (not that often). As a
rule I do not backpack during bug season, so when I am with others I use my
MLD Trailstar (1#) that I adore. On a 2 week jaunt in the San Juans last
year it worked out perfectly, wind and rain proof, quick to put up. Roomy
for two and all of their gear, I have found I love having the gear in my
tent and protected, as well as room to move about. For camping in bug
weather I keep looking at the Zpack tents and keep longing for the duo as I
have grown to love the extra room and it is light enough for one person
(<1#) to carry and have a spacious shelter. Joe's description of it on his
CDT hike as well as any other description of his tents make them sound like
the perfect compromise of weight and protection.

Cuben is expensive no matter who makes it.


On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Paul Magnanti <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:

> "I am considering:
> http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/hexamid_plus.shtml but $400?  "
>  Losing pounds is cheap; losing ounces is expensive. :O
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