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Tue Jul 2 16:21:16 CDT 2013

    Sbound, is in pretty good shape; mostly walked "old CDT" in places where new trail exists; got JBrn (as opposed to JLey) 13 maps, but 13 waypoints weren't on his site when I left. Anyhow, a fair # of blowdowns in 2-3 places, but 85% or more are walkovers. Water is plentiful right now, crossing trail in many places not noted by JBrn as reliable water. Easy 105 mi of trail--fair amount of road walking and gradual up/dn otherwise; did it in <6 days, and I'm slow.
    Was unseasonably warm this past week. Guessing I won't see Nbounders until Yellowstone or further, and only fastest Sbounders will catch me stumbling S. 

Uncle Bucks was great stop! I drink very little, so practically stumbled off bar stool after 2 beers.
Trade Wind Motel gave me a $46 hiker rate, which incl/breakfast; quite possibly best motel value, quality and price w/breakfast, on whole CDT. 
Coffee Corral, downtown @ 112 E Park, is very nice, w/limited breakfast & lunch;
Bowling alley cafe ok, and inexpensive. 
NO food, or lodging apparently, tax in MT. 

Will try to report again fm Darby,

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