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By my perception, Benchmark to East Glacier is the longest haul on the
trail.  It's 136 miles via the official trail.  It took us 7 days with a
fairly heavy load of GPS gear, so you would likely be quite a bit faster.
Lots of water in there - all you have to carry is food.   


I would worry about how sore my shoulders would get with a frameless pack
like the CDT.  The Circuit would be a lot more comfortable, but weighs more.
I am using a 52 Liter ZPacks Arc now and it is very comfortable with a total
load of 25 pounds or so, which is about how much I'd carry if I were to
doing the trail again without the GPS gear.  It weighs about the same as the
CDT, but has a frame.  My base weight is just under 13 pounds and you may be
a lot lighter than that.  (I carry a tent, air mattress, etc.)  Ben Mayberry
did the trail with a CDT and I think he was happy with it.  However, he was
doing 30 mile days and going 200+ miles between re-supplies which is
entirely out of my league.  When he zoomed past us he wasn't carrying much.
I cc'd him for you so maybe he'll chime in. 


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I'm starting to look at hiking the CDT in 2015.  Its a little early to be
buying Yogi's guide since she'll make several changes before then.  I do
have a copy of Ley's maps from a year ago that I'm starting to look at.
However, any gear purchases between now and then need to be made with the
CDT in mind.  As such, I was wondering what some of the largest food and/or
water carries that I can expect on typical routes and what sort of mileage
you were doing at the time.  My current thinking is to follow the designated
route except when the scenery is clearly better on another route, but that
could change after contact with the trail.

My current backpack is an ULA CDT, which I admit to some thoughts of how
appropriate it would be to hike the CDT while carrying a CDT.  I've done
some 6 days of food with 4L of water carries with it and while there is
still room for more a few days more, I have to wonder about more weight to
it.  Coming out of town with that sort of load, by the end of the day, my
shoulders are a little sore.  Not bad and by the next morning they have
completely recovered.  So I wondering just how much more would I need to
carry, because if its much more or needs to be done several times, then I
may need to consider taking my ULA Circuit or buying another backpack.   I
hiked the PCT in 2009 and though I would suffer a little bit on a section or
two, I would think nothing about hiking it again with my ULA CDT, though I
would resupply accordingly (ie. over Kearsarge Pass instead of straight
through to VVR).

What I don't want is my gear choices to limit my route options where I am
forced to use some of the cutoffs that I would otherwise avoid.  Its one
thing if I want to do a certain route, its another thing if I'm forced to
because of poor planning in my choices in gear.






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