[Cdt-l] Largest Food & Water Carries

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Sat Jul 20 22:31:58 CDT 2013

I found the CDT very similar to the PCT in terms of length of carries and
water weight.  New Mexico does require more water carries just like the
SoCal deserts, but doesn't have any really long mileage sections. Later on
you get some longer stretches, in some of the areas already mentioned, as
well as the Winds if you don't want a real break in that stretch by leaving
trail, but none of these later, longer sections require water to be hauled.

Several folks used ULA CDTs in 2012, and a number of us used the ULA
Circuit.  Either is CDT trail worthy in my opinion, as are the ZPacks that
were on trail that year as well.  The most popular tent/tarps were ZPacks
Hex and Double Hex, and at times, we'd have 5 of them all set up in an area
together.  They held up well to the more violent storms the Rockies
produce, and I'll be using mine again on a thru hike next year.  But the
CDT is a very good choice.

Good luck next year,


On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 7:46 PM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen <
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> Our longest stretch was between Rawlins and Steamboat Springs.  If you go
> all the way to Rte 40 (rather than Buffalo Pass) it was about 165 miles.
> We're slower than most and it took us 8 days.  Part of that is desert
> hiking, so very fast.  If there is a lot of snow in the high country it can
> be somewhat slow.  You can cut the distance by detouring to Encampment.
> Ginny
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