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Mon Jul 22 22:44:51 CDT 2013


I hiked with you a little bit north of Sierra City in 2009. I don't
remember exactly which pack you had then, but I remember you were pretty
lightweight and moving pretty quick. I hiked the CDT in 2011 and it is very
similar to the PCT in length of carry. the longest carry is the bob
marshall wilderness section in montana and it is about 150 miles from east
glacier to benchmark ranch. it is a long carry if you are a sobo hiker,
because there is often snow or high water crossings and you aren't in great
shape yet. if you are nobo then i would think you could knock it out in 5
nights and have no problem with your ULA pack. It took me 8 days sobo, and
my pack was very full. Also, for anyone considering hiking the cdt with a
frameless pack I would highly recommend it. I hiked with a zpacks blast,
which is frameless, and I have done a number of big trips since then with
homemade frameless packs. If you stuff your sleeping bag and tent loosely
in the bottom there is plenty of padding and rigidity for carrying up to 30
lbs (may not be super comfy the first day out of town, but you'll live)

Travis (suspect)
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