[Cdt-l] Largest Food & Water Carries

Sean Nordeen sean.nordeen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 01:48:44 CDT 2013

Thanks to everyone who has answered me.  As I mentioned, I have experience
using my CDT several times on 6 day food carries with up to 4L of water out
of town, so I had been wondering how often I would have to carry food or
water above that.  My current baseweight is about 9.3lbs including 20oz for
camera gear hanging off the front but not counting whatever maps or GPS
that I'd carry or if I would take my umbrella or not.  I know to make my
CDT as rigid and full as possible since it carries better.  The limitation
of it is actually how the small hip belt limits how well the weight
transfers to the waist rather then my sleeping pad compressing as a back

Travis, good to hear from you.  I remember you from Sierra City and talking
to you off the shoulder of Mt. Hood after you flipped.  I remember you as
one of the fastest hikers except you had a habit of stopping for long
breaks to read a thick hardback book.

Thanks again,

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