[Cdt-l] Yellowstone Village

Trekker4 at aol.com Trekker4 at aol.com
Fri Jun 7 12:20:13 CDT 2013

I just got a new, to me, mailing address, or proper way to label the box,  
for Yellowstone Village: this is not what Yogi's 2012 Town Guide  has, nor 
does her 2013 Update. So, Yogi, ya may  want to doublecheck this.
1000 Old Faithful, Yellowstone, WY 82190; 307-545-7252; Mon-Fri 0830-1330 & 
1430-1700, Sat CLOSED-NO  BOX P/U; confirmed Ted
Ted sez DO NOT WRITE "GENERAL DELIVERY" on the  box. 
Also, Yogi, I tried to order a bandana this am; the checkout link  to 
PayPal didn't work,  twice.
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