[Cdt-l] Bluefoot and State Machine southbound starting June 15 from Chief Mountain

Benjamin Foote cdt at bnf.net
Tue Jun 11 15:41:42 CDT 2013

Hello fellow hikers of great stride and stature,

After lurking for far too long on the cdt-l I'd like to come out into the
open and say "Hello!" and "OMG I'm about to do something insane... again".

I'm very excited to be getting going on a SOBO CDT thru hike.  I've done my
homework and I'm in the last few days of putting it all away in boxes and
saying farewell to good friends.

AND my very good friend Jim "State Machine" Wiggins will be joining me for
this adventure for at least as far as Rawlings WY.  I'm the cute one but
he's the funny one.  ;)

You can follow me in a few too many ways at http://bnf.net/cdt

Grovus, Swiss Miss, others, I hope we do get to meet on trail.  Let us know
if you're looking for a way to get to the Belly River from East Glacier.
 We are coming in via Amtrak SAT 6/15 AM.  We may have some options (or let
us know if you've got something good lined up).

But most importantly, I'd like to put the invite out for the night of June
24th on trail between East Glacier and Benchmark.  State Machine will be
celebrating his birthday and it's a big one.  Light refreshment and much
jubilation provided.

Happy packing SOBOers and hike well!


Ben Foote aka bluefoot
cdt at bnf.net
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