[Cdt-l] Reflecting on My 2 weeks in NM & the CDTS

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Mon Jun 17 02:09:52 CDT 2013

I have been thinking about my 2 weeks following the CDTS from Columbus thru
Deming and Keith's help.  AS I look back on those two weeks the more I
realize how much I enjoyed following the CDTS route.  


I just sent this email to Keith and I could have included Lynnea in  Mimbres
in it, too.  


Keith, I have been going over the CDTS route I hiked this year in NM- all 2
weeks of it and the more I think on it the more I realize how much I enjoyed
that route.  I just really appreciated your help back in April and your
enthusiastic support and promotion of the CDTS route.  I really liked being
just out there without trail makers-  like hiking wild- just what I wanted
to do and what I enjoy.   I can't imagine the "official" route being better.


The stays in the pack broke  through my pack- at least one did, and the
other was almost ready to break out when I ended my hike in Reserve after
hitching a ride from Snowy Lake.  My pack is repaired now and I am looking
at liking in northern colorado in mid-August to mid-Sept.  





My, that was a good hike.  I am  now reassessing everything any hoping I
have the opportunity to do a section in Northern Colo this August/Sept.  


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