[Cdt-l] Reflecting on My 2 weeks in NM & the CDTS

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Trew, Martina and I really enjoyed that section as well in 2009. The early route to Deming and out into the wilds north of there before heading into the forest around the Gila were fantastic.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your hike!
Black Isle, Scotland

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I have been thinking about my 2 weeks following the CDTS from Columbus thru Deming and Keith's help.  AS I look back on those two weeks the more I realize how much I enjoyed following the CDTS route.  
I just sent this email to Keith and I could have included Lynnea in  Mimbres in it, too.  
Keith, I have been going over the CDTS route I hiked this year in NM- all 2 weeks of it and the more I think on it the more I realize how much I enjoyed that route.  I just really appreciated your help back in April and your enthusiastic support and promotion of the CDTS route.  I really liked being just out there without trail makers-  like hiking wild- just what I wanted to do and what I enjoy.   I can't imagine the "official" route being better. 
The stays in the pack broke  through my pack- at least one did, and the other was almost ready to break out when I ended my hike in Reserve after hitching a ride from Snowy Lake.  My pack is repaired now and I am looking at liking in northern colorado in mid-August to mid-Sept.  
My, that was a good hike.  I am  now reassessing everything any hoping I have the opportunity to do a section in Northern Colo this August/Sept.  
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