[Cdt-l] Cdts route in NM

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 15:50:06 CDT 2013

I also enjoyed the CDTS route.
Keep telling myself that when I hike the CDT again I will use the official
route but then I remember how bitter sweet it was to climb South Peak on
day 2 and have the whole region for 100 miles spread out.
The Florida Mountains jagged as dog's teeth thrust up in the plain.
The mustard yellow flowers around Cookes peak. Hillsboro peak.
Finally climbing out of Mimbres and finding the first official CDT emblem.

All my friends ask me which trail I liked best and which I would hike again.
As much as I think of the PCT as the "Cadillac" trail as soon as I say that
I remember the freedom of the CDT.
Always having to be attentive and route finding..
It pissed me off and I loved it at the same time.
Choosing to go through one range of mountains, along a river, off trail,
walk through resupply instead of hitch.
All those things make the CDT the trail I dream about the most.
I'm glad there is an official route and even more glad there is the CDTS
and Ley alternates.
Forces us to think outside the box.
The trail becomes more of a corridor.
Long live the purple line.

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