[Cdt-l] Big Basin

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 16:37:46 CDT 2013

This has nothing whatever to do with the CDT.
Other than the similarity in my mind.

Today my work brought me into the Santa Cruz Mountains.
The tallest of which is 1,000 feet below the lowest point of the CDT.
I finished early and drove up the road into Big Basin Redwoods state park.

Here is where the CDT connection resides..

The Pacific Ocean fog is pushing inland with the seabreeze.
Though its miles away the wind is strong while limb, branch, and trunks are
swaying and the fronds of Redwoods sing in the breeze.

I close my eyes and I am someplace on the CDT.
Times like this I would look for a low spot or a place behind a rock for
shelter from the gusts of air.

In my mind I'm in the Anaconda Pintler climbing toward Rainbow Pass.

I open my eyes and I'm here on the pacific rim just 10 feet from the
Skyline to the Sea trail.

We leave the trail but the trail never leaves us.
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